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Grading Of Copper Slag And Fine Aggregate

Utilization Of Copper Slag As Fine Aggregates In Cement

COPPER SLAG Properties Fine Aggregates Copper Slag Specific gravity 2.53 3.57 Water absorption, 0.80 0.14 Moisture content, 0.50 0.10 Fineness modulus 2.55 2.68 Bulk density, gcc 1.67 0.14 Grading zone Zone II Zone II TABLE4 SIEVE ANALYSIS OF RIVER SAND AND COPPER SLAG IS Sieve Percentage Passing Grading for Sand Copper slag Zone II as

Effect Of Copper Slag As A Fine Aggregate On The

Feb 01, 2011 In order to control the bleeding in concrete mixtures when incorporating copper slag as fine aggregates, Ueno et al. suggested a grading distribution of fine aggregate based on particle density. The study investigated the maximum size of slag fine aggregate that does not significantly influence the amount of bleeding and the required plastic viscosity of paste to control the amount of bleeding

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The concrete was prepared for the M20 grade concrete with partial replacement of fine aggregate by copper slag with various percentages of 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. The specimens were casted for 7 days, 14 days and 28 days then tested the optimum value which provided the best performance was at 40 addition of copper slag for split tensile strength test.

Copper Or Ferrous Slag As Substitutes For Fine Aggregates

texture. The shape of the copper slag particles is angular in nature. The physical properties of copper slag were determined by laboratory tests. The grading pattern of copper slag was determined by sieve tests and the sample was found to be well graded. The specific gravity was obtained as 3.3 and the fineness modulus as 2.84.

Effects Of Copper Slag As A Replacement For Fine

Effects of Copper Slag as a Replacement for Fine Aggregate on the Behavior and Ultimate Strength of Reinforced Concrete Slender Columns used. Table 2 shows the mix design quantities. The mix constituents were weighed in separate buckets and mixed in a rotating drum in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM

Effect Of Copper Slag As A Fine Aggregate On Properties Of

Sep 16, 2016 The gradation test conducted on the fine sand and copper slag showed that they met specifications requirements for concrete sand. C. Copper Slag Copper slag is an industrial by-product material produced from the process of manufacturing copper having similar physical, mechanical ampchemical properties of Sand can be considered as an alternative ...

A Study On Effective Replacement Of Fine Aggregate

2 Fine aggregate Locally available river sand conforming to Grading zone II of IS 383 1970. 3 Copper slag Copper slag is a by-product material produced from the process of manufacturing copper. As the copper settles down in the smelter, it has a higher density, impurities stay in the top layer and then are transported to a water

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Grading for zone II . as per IS383-1970. Sand . Copper . slag . 4.75 . 100.00 ... The effect of replacing fine aggregate by copper slag on the compressive strength and split tensile strength are ...

Utilization Of Copper Slag In Msand As Partial

fine aggregate by copper slag, Concretemixes, viz. Conventional concrete mixes with varying percentages of copper slag 10, 20, 30 and 40 as fine aggregate replacement material were investigated. The compressive strength test was carried out on 4 concrete mixes at the ages of 7, 14 and 28 days.The effect of

Copper Slag Partially Replaces Fine Aggregate In M 25

of copper, approximately 2.23.0 tons copper slag is generated as a by-product material. In Oman approximately 60,000tons of copper slag is produced every year. Many researchers have investigated the use of copper slag as fine or coarse aggregate in the preparation of cement mortar and concrete. Copper slag has been excluded from the listed

Use Of Copper Slag In Concrete

Copper slag is one of the material that is considered as a waste material which could have a ... The fine aggregate used was locally available river sand having a 4.75 mm nominal maximum size. The sand was conforming to grading zone II as per BIS 38310. The coarse aggregate used was crushed stone having a

Use Of Copper Slag As A Replacement For Fine

In this experiment a step is taken to reduce the use of fine aggregate in the concrete with copper slag. The fine aggregate is partially replaced with copper slag for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50.

Properties And Effects Of Copper Slag In Concrete

10 mm, sand and copper slag are 7.10, 6.77, 2.94 and 4.06 respectively. Table 3.2 to 3.3 shows the fineness modulus of 20 mm, 10 mm coarse aggregates, sand and copper slag respectively. Table 2.2 Sieve Analysis of Coarse Aggregate, Fine Aggregate and Copper Slag

Behavior Of Copper Slag Admixed Concrete In Acidic

appearance of the copper slag. The grading of copper Table 1 Physical Properties of Coarse Aggregate S. No. Property Test Result 1 Specific Gravity 2.637 2 Fineness Modulus 7.102 3 Bulk Density Loose State 1414 kgm3 4 Bulk Density Compacted State 31550 kgm3 5 4Water Absorption 1.1 5 2.2 Fine Aggregate

Holistic Analysis Of Waste Copper Slag Based Concrete By

Concrete made of traditional fine aggregate quartz sand and concrete, in which waste copper slag characterized by higher values of indices f 1 and f 2, used as fine aggregate, were evaluated. Due to the co-existence of both positive improvement of durability and mechanical properties of concrete and negative increase in the intensity of ...

Properties And Effects Of Copper Slag In

from increasing copper slag is due to increased voids due to the fact that copper slag which was 3.30 compared to 2.62 of the naturpossesses fewer fine particles than fine aggregate. It could also be due to the increase of the free water because the copper slag absorbs less water than the fine aggregate

Effects Of Copper Slag As Sand Replacement In Concrete

The raw materials used in this research were cement, fine and coarse aggregate, copper slag, plastisizers and water. The cement used was 53 grade Birla super cement. Fine aggregate and coarse aggregate used was available locally. Copper slag was brought from a dealer in Pune. Along with all the raw materials, to improve

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The replacement of 100 of fine aggregate by copper slag decreases water absorption by 33.59, chloride ion permeability up to 77.32 and pH value by 3.04. Venu Malagavelli, 2010 studied the characteristics of M30 grade concrete with partial replacement of cement

Partial Replacement Of Fine Aggregate With Fly Ash

sieve analysis of fine and coarse aggregates will be carried out, and the results determined in the laboratory. Grading curves as well as the underlying zones for the fine aggregate and slag will also be determined in the laboratory according to IS codes of practice. Essential Requirements of Aggregates 1. Durability. 2. Cleanliness.

Use Of Copper Slag As A Replacement For Fine

This paper is about the experimental study of the replacement of copper slag for fine aggregate in concrete. In this study, M40 Grade concrete was considered to study the strength of concrete...

Pdf A Study On Effective Replacement Of Fine Aggregate

Table - 3-.1 Properties of Cement S. No. Property Of Cement Values1 Fineness Of Cement 7.5 2 Grade Of Cement 43 3 Specific Gravity 3.15 4 Initial Setting time 28 min 5 Final Setting Time 600 min 6 Normal consistency 35 Fine Aggregate B. Table --3.2 Properties of Fine Aggregate S.No Properties Value 1 Specific Gravity 2.65 2 Fineness Modulus 2.25 3 Water absorption 1.5 Copper Slag C. Table - 3-.3 Chemical composition and physical properties of ordinary Portland cement OPC, copper ...

Feasibility Study On The Use Of Modified Copper Slag As A

Jun 02, 2021 As an interesting discovery on the use of copper slag as a fine aggregate, the author stated that a wide range of research supports the use of Cu slag as a fine aggregate in concrete floors and pavements due to its reasonable hardness . Moreover, the author stated that from an environmental point of view, the Cu slag can be considered as a safe material based on the criteria prescribed by

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Copper slag is used as a replacement of fine aggregate. The fineness modulus of sand is 3.16 and copper slag is 3.17. The grading of fine aggregate was almost similar, hence copper slag is used as fine aggregate A .Materials Used Cement 53 Grade ordinary Portland cement conforming to IS 12269 may be used. The setting time of cement is 25 minutes.

Product Manual For Coarse And Fine

Copper slag aggregate Recycled concrete aggregate Bottom ash from Thermal Power Plant c Coarse aggregates are further classified as given below depending on source ... One sample of fine aggregate from any grading zone shall be tested for all requirements to