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Lost Gold In Texas

The Lost Bill Kelly Gold Mine In West Texas

Nov 23, 2015 The Likelihood of a Lost Gold Mine in Texas . As with most lost mine stories, there are a few things about this famous story that are hard to believe. One issue is the description of the ore as being quartz with veins of visible gold in it. In the past century, there have been very little in the way of gold discoveries in Texas.

Lost Gold Mines Of Texas Searches For The Rich

LOST GOLD MINES OF TEXAS Searches for the Rich Properties That Have Resulted in Much Loss of Life. SHAFT GUARDED BY SPIRITS Two Mines Opened When Texas Was a

Texas Treasure Hunting Gold Fever Prospecting

1. Federal laws making possession of gold illegal in the early 1900s 2. Distrust of banks during the Great Depression. Gold bars were lost in Paisano Pass near the Brewster-Presidio county line, Brewster County. Notorious Texas outlaw Sam Bass spent time in the 1870s robbing stagecoaches including several near Deadwood in the Dakota Territory.

Texas Map Of Gold Silver Amp Lost Treasure Sites

Texas Map of Gold, Silver amp Lost Treasure Sites. Most of the gold found in Texas has been extracted as a by-product from silver mining, primarily in Presidio County. Note Some sites listed below may have prohibitions against prospecting. Always seek permission from property owners and obtain any necessary permits prior to panning, dredging, or metal detecting.

Where To Find Gold In Texas 11 Locations Likely To Hold Gold

11 Places to Find Gold in Texas The Llano River Goler Gulch El Paso Bonanza Gulch Guadalupe Mountains Guadalupe river near Kerrville Sandy Creek The mouth of the Rio Grande Presidio The Lost Spanish Mine Riley Mountains The Lost Bill Kelly Mine Gulf Coastal Plain Finding other areas to

Lost Mines Prospecting Texas

San Antonio, Texas, June 18 - A rich discovery of gold and silver is reported from Burnett county near the Pack Saddle mountains. The vein is four feet wide and consists of rich decomposed ore, strained with iron. Traces of an old Mexican mine and furnaces were found, and it is thought that these are the Lost San Saba mines.

Find Buried Treasure In Texas Metal Detecting Ghost

Buried Treasure in Texas Sites. Here are ten areas to begin your search for buried treasure in Texas. The Lost Nigger Bill Gold Mine - located somewhere near Reagan Canyon in Big Bend National Park. The Lost Silver Ledge Mine - located in Croton Brakes Canyon. Search the area with a metal detector.

Texas Buried And Sunken Treasures And Treasure Hunting

Potosis pot of gold. The Lost Spanish Mine by Michael Barr 2-1-17 For centuries the legend of the Lost Spanish Mine has lured fortune hunters into the Texas Hill Country. That legend began on a hill south of Llano. Mystery of the Spider Rocks by Clay Coppedge

Million In Lost Gold From Civil War May Have Been Found

Nov 04, 2016 Heres how this gold war began, according to a Pittsburg Post-Gazette article about a 1983 story in Lost Treasure magazine. In June 1863, President Lincoln ordered two wagons with false bottoms to carry anywhere from 26 to 52 gold bars weighing 50 pounds each from Wheeling, West Virginia, 400 miles north to Pennsylvania to pay the Union troops stationed there.

Texas Lost Treasure Search Begins Here

Texas lost treasure sites are listed on this page. However, I cannot promise that this information is completely accurate. As treasure tales go, because they have been passed down through many years, certain elements of the lost treasure story may have been altered, either intentionally or otherwise.

The Billion Dollar Lost Silver Mine Texas Hill Country

Dec 16, 2015 Tres Manos was able to return home and recover, a fact that would ultimately lead to the mine becoming lost, and altering Texas history significantly. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next Page We are your resource for Hill Country travel, things to do, places to eat, places to stay, tourism, events, lodging, and we feature Texas Hill Country info of all ...

Lost Treasure Leon Trabucos Gold Strange Unexplained

Oct 13, 2012 Lost Treasure Leon Trabucos Gold. Farmington, New Mexico, 1933. In the heat of the summer, a pilot named Red Moiser landed several mysterious flights in the desert. There, he was met by a Mexican millionaire named Leon Trabuco.

Maximilians Gold Ancient Lost Treasures

Aug 01, 2003 Isnt there a theory that the KGC with Jesse James got 5 million of Maxs gold Is so, is there any merit to this story Heres the story, from the July 1978 issue of Lost Treasure Somewhere near Castle Gap in far West Texas, a fortune in silver and gold lies hidden--the treasure of Maximilian, emperor of Mexico, and his mad queen Carlotta.

Archaeologists Find Lost Golden City Buried Under Sand

Apr 12, 2021 An ancient Egyptian Pompeii Archaeologists find lost golden city buried under sand for 3,400 years Its the second most important archaeological discovery since the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Longlost Pirate Ship May Lie In Texas Lake Historical

Nov 18, 2001 Long-lost pirate ship may lie in Texas lake Historical treasure could be wreck of Jean Lafitte Cindy Horswell , Houston Chronicle Nov. 18, 2001 Updated Jan. 30, 2012 702 p.m.

Ben Sublett And The Lost Gold Mine Of Guadalupe Peak

May 21, 2017 In his book Unsolved Mysteries of the Old West, Jameson asserts the claim that Ben Sublett found a rich crop of gold ore in the Guadalupe Mountains of West Texas in the 1880s has been verified.The location of this mine, though, has been a subject of debate since Subletts death in 1892. Sublett says he found a canyon amongst the limestone cliffs in the Texas desert where a simple rake

The Lost Bill Kelley Mine Lone Star Treasure

According to legend, the long lost Bill Kelley Mine is located within the Big Bend National Park in western Texas. This part of Texas is comprised by the Chihuahuan Desert. If legend is to be believed, the Bill Kelley Mine wasnt just one of the richest mines in all of North America it was also a mine burdened with a horrible curse that would ensure a violent death to anyone who found the gold.

Find Buried Treasure In Texas Metal Detecting Ghost

Here are ten areas to begin your search for buried treasure in Texas. The Lost Nigger Bill Gold Mine - located somewhere near Reagan Canyon in Big Bend National Park. The Lost Silver Ledge Mine - located in Croton Brakes Canyon. Search the area with a metal detector.

Texas Buried And Sunken Treasures And Treasure Hunting

Found Horns and Lost Gold by Mike Cox For a time in the 1920s and 30s, a Southerner who got to Texas as soon as he could reigned as Texas Horn King. Plunder In The Pines by Dana Goolsby Just beneath the surface of the Pineywoods, buried treasure is said to be scattered.

More Texas Treasure Just Waiting To Be Found Legends Of

A Texas Historical marker now marks to the spot in Mills County, located where state road 573 crosses the Pecan Bayou. Almost immediately following the Jackson Massacre, a legend of buried gold began to be circulated. According to the tale, Moses Jackson had successfully sold a number of steers in the summer of 1858 and received gold in payment.

Mystery Of Spider Rocks Coronados Buried Gold From

Fire destroyed Terrells drug store in 1909, and for a long time historians believed the artifacts were lost in the fire. The story caught the attention of J. Frank Dobie, who recounted much of it under the title Lost Copper Mines and Spanish Gold in Legends of Texas Lost Mines and Buried Treasure .

Dobies Story Of The Guadalupes Gold Odessa Texas

Sep 12, 1998 old Geronimo, used to say that the richest gold mines in tbe western world lay hidden in the Guadalupes. The setting is worthy of its traditions. Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas, rises 9500 feet above sea level, just below the New Mexico line. It is a beacon from all sides.

The Lost San Saba Silver Mine Lone Star Treasure

According to his report, the silver was located in a hill in Central Texas. In the 1820s, American empresario Stephen F. Austin made his first trip to Texas where he was told about the presence of a rich silver mine near the San Saba River and a gold mine near the Llano River. Austin dispatched soldiers to search for the mines, but to no avail.

A Load Of Gold Worth Up To 54 Million Went Missing During

Mar 20, 2018 For decades, Civil War buffs and assorted fortune seekers have combed northwestern Pennsylvania, looking for a Union shipment of gold that reportedly was lost near tiny Dents Run.