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Definition Mining Glossary

Oecd Glossary Of Statistical Terms Mining Wastes Definition

Definition Mining wastes are mining-related byproducts of two types a mining-and-quarrying extraction wastes which are barren soils removed from mining and quarrying sites during the preparation for mining and quarrying and do not enter into the dressing and beneficiating processes, and ... Glossary of Environment Statistics, Studies in ...

Data Mining Stitch Data Glossary

Data glossary definition Data mining Data mining is the process of analyzing hidden patterns of data according to different perspectives for categorization into useful information, which is collected and assembled in common areas, such as data warehouses, for efficient analysis facilitating business decision-making .Its an automated process of sorting through huge data sets ...

Glossary Of Mining Terminology Miners Museum

Glossary of Mining Terminology After Damp - Gasses resulting from underground combustion, normally carbon monoxide. This is a loose term implying any fatal gas in a mine after an explosion or fire. Air Shaft - A vertical opening into a mine for the passage of air. Airway - Any passage in a mine along which an air current moves. Some passages are

Glossary Of Hardrock Mining Terms

DEFINITION OF HARDROCK MINING TERMS Adit - A level, horizontal drift or passage from the surface into a mine. Borehole - A vertical or inclined hole, used for ventilation from one level to another, or to carry waterlines or electrical wires. May be large enough for a

Mining Glossary Pmm Johnson Matthey

The mining glossary provides a reference source for pgm mining terminology used on this site and elsewhere. A trading glossary is available in the PGM Prices section.. Terms appearing in italics are also defined within the glossary.. If you would like to suggest changes or additions to the glossary please contact us.Further information can also be found in the FAQs.

Industries Energy Utilities Amp Mining Glossary

glossary of oil and gas, utilities and mining commodity trading and risk management terms. The objective of this glossary is to provide our clients with a useful reference guide to the language of commodity trading and risk management. Additionally, this glossary may be a valuable resource for educating key stakeholders

Glossary Mining Energys

Glossary of Mining Terms - Kentucky Coal Edu ion Binder - A streak of impurity in a coal seam. Bit - The hardened and strengthened device at the end of a drill rod that transmits the energy of

What Is Mining Definition By Cryptodefinitions

Definition Mining is the process of verifying transactions by grouping them and adding them to the networks permanent digital record, or blockchain.It is executed by individuals, called miners, who use their computing resources to perform the computations

Definition Of Data Mining Gartner Information

Gartner Glossary Information Technology Glossary D Data Mining Data Mining Data mining is the process of discovering meaningful correlations, patterns and trends by sifting through large amounts of data stored in repositories.

Definition Of Mining Coingecko

Mar 03, 2020 Definition of Mining It is the process of the miners verify and adding transaction recors into a block. The miner who ...

A Glossary Of Terms Used In Coal Mining Gresley William

Mar 02, 2007 A glossary of terms used in coal mining by Gresley, William Stukeley. Publication date 1883 Topics Coal mines and mining Publisher London, New York, E. amp F.N. Spon Collection cdl americana Digitizing sponsor MSN Contributor University of California Libraries Language English. Addeddate 2007-03-02 183447 Call number

Steel Glossary Glossary Of Terms Platts

SBBs steel glossary is great for finding the definition for any steel term associated to the industry. ... Molybdenum containing steels are used to meet demanding in-service duties in a wide range of applications from mining and power generation, to the automotive, aerospace, process and

Definition Of Text Mining Gartner Information Technology

Gartner Glossary. Gartner Glossary Information Technology Glossary T Text Mining. Text Mining. The process of extracting information from collections of textual data and utilizing it for business objectives. Related Content. Webinar. The Best-Kept Competitive Edge Secret Your

Glossary Of Mining Terms Rpmglobal

6 99 Glossary of Mining Terms RPMGlobal 99 Glossary of Mining Terms RPMGlobal 7 angle between the meridian and the line. The meridian is an established line of reference. Azimuths are angles measured clockwise from any meridian. Bearing plate a plate used to distribute a given load. In roof bolting, the plate used between the bolt head

Mining Definition Of Mining By Merriamwebster

May 27, 2021 Definition of mining. 1 the process or business of working mines. 2 the activity or process of searching through large amounts of information for specific data or patterns imagevideo

A Glossary Of The Most Common Mining Terms

May 04, 2018 Having trouble understanding mining terminology Heres a comprehensive A-Z guide of mining terms you need to know if you are considering investing in the mining industry or are just curious about how mining works. AC drilling Air core drilling Air

Reference Process The Process Mining Glossary Lana Labs

Reference Process. A reference process is a process that represents a desired ideal state. The process therefore represents how the process should run. However, this target sequence can deviate from the actual process.In Process Mining, the actual process is

Bitcoin Glossary Of Terms Bitcoin Magazine Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Glossary Of Terms. Bitcoin Magazines official glossary of terms provides definitions for the words and phrases youre most likely to come across as you learn about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.As you dive deeper into the technical, cultural and investing concepts behind this new form of value creation, youre likely to find some terms that wont appear in ...

Process Mining The Process Mining Glossary Lana Labs

Process Mining. Process Mining is the visualization and analysis of business processes on the basis of event logs using algorithms and mathematical procedures. Event logs are protocols of IT-based processes. Here the events individual activities in the IT system

Mcewen Mining Inc Investors Mining Glossary

A process established under the U.S. General Mining Law of 1872 which permits the conversion of mining claims on federal lands into full fee ownership, provided certain conditions are met. Permeable Pertaining to a rock or soil having a texture that permits passage of liquids or gases under the pressure ordinarily found in earth materials.

Glossary Us Energy Information Administration Eia

Search glossary terms ... Longwall mining machine shears coal from a long straight coal face up to about 700 feet by working back and forth across the face under a movable, hydraulic-jack roof-support system. The broken coal is transported by conveyor. Longwall machines can mine coal at the rate of 1,000 tons per shift.

Glossary Canadaca

Grass roots mining expenses Para. 66.16f of the definition for CEE - expenses incurred for the purpose of determining the existence, location, extent or quality of a mineral resource in Canada including the cost of prospecting, carrying out geological, geophysical, or geochemical surveys, drilling by rotary, diamond, percussion, or other ...

Data Mining Dictionary Definition

data mining 1 n data processing using sophisticated data search capabilities and statistical algorithms to discover patterns and correlations in large preexisting databases a way to discover new meaning in data Type of data processing computer science a series of operations on data by a computer in order to retrieve or transform or ...

Cybersecurity Glossary National Initiative For

Mar 04, 2021 Definition A program that specializes in detecting and blocking or removing forms of spyware. Related Terms spyware Adapted from NCSD Glossary antivirus software Definition A program that monitors a computer or network to detect or identify major types of malicious code and to prevent or contain malware incidents.