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Cynamide Process Of Industrial Fixation

Union Of India Amp Anr Vs Cynamide India Ltd Amp Anr 1987

Union of India, 1973 1 SCC 129 Anakapalle Co-operative Agricultural and Industrial Society Ltd. v. Union of India, 1973 3 SCC 435 and Premier Automobiles Ltd. v. Union of India, 1972 2 SCR 526, referred to. 3.1 A price fixation measure does not concern itself with the interests of an individual manufacturer or producer.

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Manufacture of nitrogen fertilizers or industrial nitrogen fixation began in 1898 with the manufacture of calcium cyanamide. It was followed by the manufacture of nitric acid by arc process

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Nitrogen Fixation, fixating Nitration as calcium cynamide proved evasive for commercial use, but later proved useful for the production of chemicals requiring the cynamide configuration. There were numerous other process ect.

Panjabrao V State Of Maharashtra Bombay High Court

Mar 09, 2015 Cynamide India Ltd., reported in 1987 2 SCC 720 AIR 1987 SC 1802, was quoted to contend that mechanics of price fixation are concern of the executive and it should be left to the executive to do so. Thus, according to the State, it is for the

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Cynamide India Ltd. and another, reported in 1987 2 SCC 720, one of the principal objectives of price fixation stated, is Uploaded on - 06032020 Downloaded on - 07032020 080339 18 wp3659 of 2009 and 1486 of 2014.odt to fetter and curb profiteering in the scarce resources of the community keeping up to the directive in ...

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Jan 01, 2001 The need to increase agricultural production has led many underdeveloped countries to produce industrial fertilizer domestically. A case study of the choice of technology in the production of ammonia and a nitrogenous fertilizer, urea, in the context of India, suggests that there is little scope for utilizing more labour in what is a highly capital-intensive process.

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Biological nitrogen fixation Biological nitrogen fixation BNF is the term used for a process in which nitrogen gas N2 from the atmosphere is incorporated into the tissue of certain plants. Only a select group of plants is able to obtain N this way, with the help of soil microorganisms.

Gupta Sugar Works Vs State Of Up Amp Ors 1987 Insc 291

He said that the primary consideration in the fixation of price would not be the interest of consumers, but to ensure a reasonable return to producers. That H 582 according to him the law laid down by this Court in i The Panipat Co-operative Sugar Mills v. Union of India 19731 2 SCR 860 and Anakapalle Coop. Agrl. amp Industrial Society Ltd. v.

Shri Sitaram Sugar Company Limited Amp Anr Vs Union Of

Mar 13, 1990 In Saraswati Industrial Syndicate Ltd. etc. v. Union of India, 1975 1 SCR 956 at 961, this Court states Price fixation is more in the nature of a legislative measure even though it may be based upon objective criteria found in a report or other material.

Union Of India Amp Ors Vs Ms Cipla Ltd Amp Anr On 21

Cynamide India Ltd. amp Anr.3 was distinguishable since it dealt with price fixation based on statutory considerations. In a case of price fixation having its origin on non-statutory materials the scope of judicial scrutiny would be far less. It was said in paragraph 15 of the Report as follows

Union Of India Uoi And Ors Vs Cynamide India Ltd And

Union of India UOI and Ors Vs. Cynamide India Ltd. and Ors Judgment Dated 10-04-1987 of Supreme Court of India having citation 1987 2 COMPLJ 10 SC , AIR 1987 SC 1802 , 1987 12 ECR 199 SC , JT 1987 2 SC 107 , 1987 1 SCALE 728 , 1987 2 SCC 720 , 1987 2 SCR 841 , 1987 2 UJ 198 , include bench Judge HONBLE JUDGE O. CHINNAPPA REDDYHONBLE JUDGE K.N. SINGH

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Mar 26, 2020 A second option is the cyanamide process. The manufacturer heats calcium carbide in an atmosphere of pure nitrogen to form calcium cyanamide, a plant fertilizer. The third option is the electric arc process. The arc causes nitrogen and oxygen in the air

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The cyanamide process-reaction of nitrogen with calcium carbide at high temperatures to form calcium cynamide, which hydrolyzes to ammonia and urea. This was utilized on a large scale by several countries before and during World War I, but it too was energy-intensive. The Haber-Bosch process-directly synthesizes ammonia from nitrogen

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The cyanamide process grew rapidly, reaching its peak in 1918, with 35 ... Chemical nitrogen fixation reactions have large industrial importance as established in the introduction. The most ...

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Bucher Process.-The synthesis of sodium cyanide by the interaction of sodium carbonate, carbon and nitrogen in the presence of iron as a catalyst, according to the equation Na2C034CN2 2NaCN3CO 3 constitutes a promising method of nitrogen fixation, the commercial development of which is still in its infancy. The catalytic effect of iron in promoting this formation of cyanides. at relatively low

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May 19, 2016 While considering the validity of the industrial policy of the State of Madhya Pradesh relating to the agreements entered into for supply of sal seeds for extracting oil in M.P. Oil Extraction v. State of M.P., the court held 41. After giving our careful consideration to the facts and circumstances of the case and to the submissions made by ...

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The expression nitrogen fixation refers to the extraction of the element from the atmosphere by its combination with other elements to form compounds. This is accomplished commercially in several ways. In the Haber process Haber process, commercial process for the synthesis of ammonia, NH 3. Pure hydrogen and nitrogen gases are mixed in the ...

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Jun 18, 2020 The process for drug approval entails the coordination of different departments, in addition to the DCGI, depending on whether the application in question is for a biological drug or one based on recombinant DNA technology. The issues relating to patent are dealt by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.

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This article studied the variation of water and carbohydrate compounds of grape winter buds during bud dormancy, taking as samples the grapevine varieties Vitis vinifera L. cv Cabernet Sauvignon and Vitis vinifera L. cv Chardonnay. The results indicated that in the climate conditions of Shaanxi Yangling Region, the two grapevine varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay reached the deep...

Shri Sitaram Sugar Company Limited Amp Anr V Union Of India

For the respondents it was contended that the division of the country into zones and the method adopted by the Government in fixing price of levy sugar was fully supported by the recommendations of various expert bodies and the Tariff Commission and was upheld in Anakapalle Co-op. Agricultural amp Industrial Society Ltd. Etc. v. Union of India ...

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In nitrogen fixation Industrial nitrogen fixation at high temperatures to form calcium cyanamide, which hydrolyzes to ammonia and urea. The cyanamide process was utilized on a large scale by several countries before and during World War I, but it too was energy-intensive, and by 1918 the Haber-Bosch process had rendered it obsolete.

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II. Cyanamide process This process was developed in Germany and is said to have been invented by two Chemists Frank and Caro in 1898. At present, this process is probably the only commercial method used for synthetic fixation of N other than the ammonia synthesis process. Calcium cyanamide was first tried as a fertilizer in 1901.

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Nitrogen cycle is a microbial driven process Fig. 5.1, which is affected by numerous biotic and abiotic factors prevailing in an ecosystem. Understanding of each process at the ecosystem scale ...

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Oct 25, 2018 Today, this process is the largest scale electrosynthesis, and as such it is a huge consumer of electricity. 6 During the chloralkaline process Cl 2 is produced in the anode according to reaction 2, while H 2 and caustic soda are generated as coproducts at the cathode. Instead, coupling CO2RR to the Cl 2 production would allowed to reduce CO 2 to valuable carbonbased products, while ...